What if…. You can actually improve productivity of your business by more than 30% – 50% and directly increase your profitability …

Business Process Management with Technology is the main service provided by Kanishka Consultancy to its customers. As we started understanding business processes of different segments, we understood that most of the segments are uninformed about benefits of technology to grow their business rapidly.

The most unaware and ignored segment is F&B Business.

F&B businesses face labor constraint, inconsistent workflow, difficulty in menu designing, strong competition and high rental costs.
At an event organized by the Singapore Productivity Centre for smaller F&B business owners on Monday (Jul 27, 2015), it was found that lean workflow, menu engineering and financial management are some of the ways such owners can turn passion into profits.

F&B Business owners can find success by focusing on core business operations, instead of ancillary areas such as branding and store design.
This includes relying on automation and technology to enable owners to simplify labor-intensive or inefficient processes.

Successful businesses have engineered menus to better influence consumers’ decisions and eliminate less popular items.
In addition, strong financial management has enabled these owners to manage working capital and cash flow more efficiently and sustainably.

First of all, observe the difference between traditional service workflow and FooDiiSOFT workflow.


Traditional Food Order Service
25-30 mins



FooDiiSoFT Food Order Service
14-16 mins



By using FooDiiSoFT in your Hotel/Restaurant/Café, You will improve the productivity of your business by more than 30% – 50% and serve more number of customer, which will directly increase your profitability.


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